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Modify a theme

Harry Rogers

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It may not be very popular with the current design trends but I would like to get some more definition for the window borders.

Neptune theme for example may look quite 'modern' but if you have a couple of windows overlapping the borders all merge.

A simple 1 or 2 pixel black line around the external edge of a window border could be useful.

Can this be done with some custom CSS  or is it essentially a new theme that needs creating ? 



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Thanks for the reply Ferna.

 Your suggestion does indeed allow the width of the border to be changed and also the colour 

     UniSession.AddJS('Ext.util.CSS.createStyleSheet(".x-window-default{ border-color:black };")');


What I was really after is to get an additional line to mark the edge of the window. e.g. the Neptune 6px width all blue border to be instead composed of 1px black and 5 of the blue. 

The effect I want is a thin box around the window in a different colour to the border.



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