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Stress Tool Missing


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I just downloaded the TRIAL version of this after looking at many other products for Delphi. It seems to me that this product is the only one I've seen (other than Raudus), that gives you the ability to use the Delphi COMPILER and the Delphi IDE and to actually produce code that looks decent on the screen.


That said, I like the product. I was able to install and get the demos running very fast.


Problem: I was able to get what I wanted done very fast and I thought I would try the STRESS TOOL to test my code. I went to look for it and couldn't find it. Your skimpy online documentation refers to this path....  ..\uniGui\Utils\StressTestTool folder


I do NOT see this folder anywhere:(


So, what am I missing? Did I do something wrong? I really wanted to run the stress test to see the results.


Nice product.



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