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Ext JS 4.2.4

Marlon Nardi

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Farshad, the UniGui is already compatible with the Ext JS 4.2.4?

Is fixed over 100 bugs for this release, hopefully the TabOrder problem has also been corrected :)




It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Sencha Ext JS 4.2.4. This version contains over 100 bug fixes. It is available to our customers with current Maintenance and Support subscriptions. You can download Ext JS 4.2.4 from the Support Portal and view the updated API documentation online. Details about the issues addressed in this release can be found in our release notes.

Download Now

If your support contract has lapsed, contact Sales to renew today.

Sencha Maintenance and Support

Sencha Maintenance and Support ensures your team will stay up to date with the latest features and bug fixes for Ext JS. Maintenance and Support subscribers have immediate access to our nightly builds that contain critical fixes to the frameworks, and our Sencha Support engineers can help you tackle any problem. You also get:

  • Free upgrade to next major release (within 12 months)
  • Early access to custom bug fixes
  • Premium forum access
  • Access to nightly development builds
  • Access to our online ticketing system
  • Remote troubleshooting

As always, we’re grateful to our customers for their continuous feedback and bug reports. We’re excited to hear how this release improves your Ext JS 4.2 apps.


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Hi Farshad


I've got Complete Pro Edition with maintenance, how I can login into sencha support's page for download?




Hi Jose,


uniGUI Complete Edition license does not include a Sencha Ext JS/Sencha Touch support subscription.

You will receive updates for Sencha files through your uniGUI subscriptions.

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