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<Resolved> Updated DLL crashes IIS


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We have a simple app running on IIS 7.5 under Win Server 2008. Single DLL. Has worked fine for months.
Tried to install new version with some added features (which worked fine on development and test servers)
When first called, it crashes IIS. Debug Diag shows that the dll (RRV2) is trying to create a temp file en0.tmp and this seems to be the cause.
Any pointers or suggestions gladly received. (Old DLL was 9Mb, new one is 11Mb, could that have anything to do with it)
[25/07/2015 21:15:34]
  \\?\D:\Websites\RRV\rrv2.dll loaded at 0x03b90000
  C:\Windows\TEMP\en0.tmp loaded at 0x10000000
[25/07/2015 21:15:35]
  C:\Windows\TEMP\en0.tmp Unloaded from 0x10000000
  Exception 0X0EEDFADE on thread 1484.   DetailID = 1
[25/07/2015 21:15:36]


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