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uniDBGrid custom Cell Values/Href/Links etc ??


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Does anyone have a snippet of how to add a custom field to the uniDBGrid ?


I would like to add a URL which can be from a database calculated field.


The OnDrawCell in DBGrid doesn't appear to have a Values property ? Like the uniGrid does ?


I may have missed something ? (or I'm blind ?)





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Use field.ongettext in you table, for example:

procedure TUniMainModule.qryTmpwerGetText(Sender: TField; var Text: string;
  DisplayText: Boolean);
 //you can use html also as text
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Add your calculated Field directly on your sql statment.

"Select ....,Field1 || Field2 as MyURLField From..."


And declare MyURLField as a persistant Field (Data) on your ClientDataSet or QueryDataSet.

I used this well in the past with UIB, as it don't support Calculated Field.



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