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ExtJS 6 and the merging of ExtJS & Sencha Touch

Mohammed Nasman

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Hello Farashad,

I would like to ask about ExtJS and the merging of ExtJS & Sencha Touch, do you have any plan to do the same?


For me I would vote for merging, it will make UniGui response framework and we will develop one application for both Web & Mobile.


What other developers think?

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Sencha have been changed pricing and licensing model several times in past years. One recent change is unification of Sencha Touch and Ext JS in Ext JS 6.

My first tests revealed that Sencha Touch and Ext JS will remain as two different UI media in Ext JS 6. You will have Classic UI which is Ext JS and Modern UI which is Sencha Touch.

What Ext JS 6 offers is close to what we've already implemented in our Plus/Complete editions. Single code base for two different UIs.

That said, from what I see it is not quite possible to achieve an app which will automaticaly adopt Mobile/Desktop UI by itself. You still need to manually adjust things.

It is because Touch/Modern UI controls are much less capable compared with Desktop twins. For example desktop Grid is much more functional and rich than its Mobile counterpart.

You can't put a DBGrid on form and expect same functionality on both UIs.

I have not analyzed it yet, but as far as I can tell since Sencha framework is fully based on MVC principles. They will achieve this goal by having one Model/Controller with two Views which one will be for desktop and other will be for mobile.

As I said above, achieving this will require you to do lots of manual interventions to make your UI comfortable for all device types.

uniGUI will move in this direction too. uniGUI codebase already has a common core which shares lots of code between mobile and desktop components. In order to create a apps with a common code base you need to separate your business logic from your Forms as much as you can. Next step is to use to create separate forms for mobile for desktop and attach them to your business logic which will reside in a datamodule. I will try to publish a demo for this.

There is no way to create a single UI and deploy it on all UIs. Especially Phone form factor has a very small space for components. Smart Phone screen can not display a Form designed for a for a full HD desktop.


In conclusion, uniGUI will continue to add new features to make UI development for all devices as easy as possible. Most probably we will skip Ext JS 5 and we will directly continue with Ext JS 6. For now, high priority task is to finish the beta release.



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Farshad, that's good, go a head.


I think if we follow MVVM pattern with our application, we can use the same code base for both web & mobile, but we need to make different views.


one question may remain, could we use the mobile & web forms in same application (not now in future version), or it's better to separated the project, and make the business logic separate project that shared between the two?

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