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Unicalendar regional settings


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How to setup regional setting for UniCalendar component or change time display (1pm = 13h)?




If you mean "UniCalendarPanel1"...


I know that there is a better solution, It may be not yet complete solution, but try:


MainForm -> ClientEvents -> UniEvents add function window.beforeInit


the key point is a string:

times.push(Ext.Date.format(dt, 'G:i')); // default 'ga'
function window.beforeInit(sender)
            constructor: function(config){
                Ext.apply(this, config);

                    '<table class="ext-cal-bg-tbl" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">',
                    '<tr height="1">',
                        '<td class="ext-cal-gutter"></td>',
                        '<td colspan="{dayCount}">',
                            '<div class="ext-cal-bg-rows">',
                                '<div class="ext-cal-bg-rows-inner">',
                                    '<tpl for="times">',
                                        '<div class="ext-cal-bg-row">',
                                            '<div class="ext-cal-bg-row-div ext-row-{[xindex]}"></div>',
                        '<td class="ext-cal-day-times">',
                            '<tpl for="times">',
                                '<div class="ext-cal-bg-row">',
                                    '<div class="ext-cal-day-time-inner">{.}</div>',
                        '<tpl for="days">',
                            '<td class="ext-cal-day-col">',
                                '<div class="ext-cal-day-col-inner">',
                                    '<div id="{[this.id]}-day-col-{.:date("Ymd")}" class="ext-cal-day-col-gutter"></div>',

            // private
            applyTemplate : function(o){
                this.today = Ext.calendar.util.Date.today();
                this.dayCount = this.dayCount || 1;
                var i =0,
                    days = [],
                    dt = Ext.Date.clone(o.viewStart),
                    times = [];
                for(; i<this.dayCount; i++){
                    days[i] = Ext.calendar.util.Date.add(dt, {days: i});

                // use a fixed DST-safe date so times don't get skipped on DST boundaries
                dt = Ext.Date.clearTime(new Date('5/26/1972'));
                for(i=0; i<24; i++){
                    times.push(Ext.Date.format(dt, 'G:i'));
                    dt = Ext.calendar.util.Date.add(dt, {hours: 1});
                return this.applyOut({
                    days: days,
                    dayCount: days.length,
                    times: times
                }, []).join('');



Best regards!

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