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access object in a tuniframe


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I am creating my project and using the TUniFrame class and creating it within the tabs PageControl component
like the example megademo
in some very moment being in a frame, change, or have access to any existing control in another uniframe
I am in frmVendas
and I want to change the caption of a button exists in frmclientes. (of course before I will do a test to see if it was created or if this in any of the tabs .. PageControl.
frameClientes.btnteste.caption: = 'new caption';




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What is the content of the uniFrame: is it regular html content or you place a unigui components?


You can use extjs query 'up' and 'down', for example if you have a uniframe called 'UniFrame1' on 'MainForm' and it contains other components you may use: MainForm.UniFrame1.down('xxx')

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