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Paging Stored Procedure with TUniDBGrid?


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TDataSet paging is implementation-specific.


For instance, if you are using ODAC TOraQuery (like I do) you set

TOraQuery::FetchAll = false

TOraQuery::FetchRows= <desired number or rows>


Still, the uniGUI paging does NOT work well with paged queries, because it "pages" only the rows actually fetched (otherwise how can it tell you the total number of pages in advance?), and for what I have seen, once you reach the end of the page it doesn't fetch the next page. So, I'd suggest you to implement your own implementation-specific PageBar Frame.

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Query and grid initialization

_query->FetchAll = false;
_query->FetchRows = _pagesize;
_grid->WebOptions->Paged = true;
_grid->WebOptions->PageSize = _pagesize;
_grid->WebOptions->FetchAll = false;

	// hide uniGUI pagebar
_grid->ClientEvents->ExtEvents->Values[L"afterrender"] = L" function(sender,eOpts)\
	if (sender.dockedItems.items[1])\

After this, you need to manually implement all the buttons to go to next page, previous page, first page....

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