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Hide "Loading" GIF and text


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In our UniGui project we would like to hide the "Loading..." text and the GIF that usually appear while the web application is loading (i.e. not replace them with anything, but simply display nothing until the application is fully loaded).


What i have been able to find out so far:

  1. To hide the "Loading..." text one can set UniServerModule.LoadingMessage to ' ' (without the quotes). If UniServerModule.LoadingMessage is set to '' (without the quotes), then the application continues to display the default "Loading..." text.
  2. To hide the GIF one can delete the file .....\uni-\images\loading.gif. After this is done, users need to empty the browser cache.

This works, but one aspect of it that is not ideal is that (1) is a project-level setting, whereas (2) is a library-level setting. (2) would presumably apply to all projects compiled or deployed on a given machine, and we would have to remember to reapply it each time the project was compiled or deployed on a new machine.


Is there any way to disable the loading GIF at project level?


Many thanks,


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