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Pressing TAB


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On Form:

UniEdit1 TabOrder=1

UniEdit2 TabOrder=2 //OK focus

UniEdit3 TabOrder=3 //OK focus

UniBitBtn TabOrder=4 //I can not set the focus by pressing TAB


I show this Form ShowModal()

In event UniFormShow code UniEdit1->SetFocus();

Then I press key TAB 3 times.

Button does not want to receive focus. How correctly?




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Hi Lena, 


I had the same problem.
Two solutions for your case:
1) add to UniEdit3 ClientEvents.ExtEvents.specialkey:
       if (! (e.shiftKey) && (e.getKey () == 9)) {
       e.stopEvent ();
       MainForm.UniBitBtn1.focus (); }
2) Create a new component Tuniedit
     with a new property onBlurControl.


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it is not work for me.

I have use Tab-able Jquery  now.



which does just this. It uses the ':tabbable' selector of jQuery UI to find the next 'tabbable' element and selects it.

Example usage:

// Simulate tab key when element is clicked
$('.myElement').bind('click', function(event){
return false;



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