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Grid Editor Enhancement using DB components.


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With the current implementation of Grid Column Editors you can only edit the value of the field the column is showing. In my opinion this is a mayor limitation in two cases:


1) Lookup fields/calculated fields


Suppose you are showing a list of people, each row has a TYPE_ID integer column, that is a foreign key for a lookup table. You do not want to show the number, which is meaningless.

So in the grid you show the "translation" (as a calculated/lookup field, for instance), you edit the value using a DBLookupComboBox, but the actual value has to be inserted in the TYPE_ID (hidden) field


2) Formatted fields


(In the above scenario) each row has a TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE column. This column would be shown in the grid using the default format (for instance dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss tzh:tzm), which can be weird for a untrained user. Instead, what I'd love to do is to show a string column, containing a formatted string, pairing it with a DBDateTimePicker that edits the "real" timestamp.


Bottom line

If a grid column Editor is a DB control, let the DB control do the work.

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