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How to disable the server and let the form show as VCL application


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Hi Sir:


This is what I changed in dpr file : 


program jtest1;
  ServerModule in 'ServerModule.pas' {UniServerModule: TUniGUIServerModule},
  MainModule in 'MainModule.pas' {UniMainModule: TUniGUIMainModule},
  Main in 'Main.pas' {MainForm: TUniForm};
{$R *.res}
  Application.MainFormOnTaskbar := True;
  Application.CreateForm( TMainForm, MainForm);


But the erro says : 

[dcc32 Error] jtest1.dpr(16): E2197 Constant object cannot be passed as var parameter


Please help , Thank you very much.

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NO, I just want to have two version of application. One is for web brower , another is 

for native VCL application. 


If I develope an uniGUI application first , then I need to modified a native VCL application. 

What is the fastest way to modified. 


Thanks for help.


Best Regards


Jack Fang

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uniGUI projects are web only.
In order to develop the "same" application in both web and VCL you will have to do it by hand.


The only thing I can suggest is to keep the TForms and TUniForms code to a minimum, move all the actual code in TDataModules shared between the VCL and web projects. Or maybe you should look for some other solutions (remote desktop-like?)

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But you can show a VCL form with a TWebBrowser in it. So it looks like a standard program (with a web gui).


  • create a normal VCL (not UniGUI !) form in your project that is shown at startup
  • put a TwebBrowser onto this form (Align: alClient)
  • onFormShow: WebBrowser.Navigate('http://localhost:8077/');
  • onFormClose: Applicatin.Terminate; // shuts down server if form is closed

To use a new browser version that works with UniGUI you must must add a registry entry or change !DOCTYPE (second I don't know how doing in UniGUI, but first works for me)

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