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Can't Change Port To 80


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I'm relatively new to Unigui. As a long run Delphi user, I must say that it is one of the most exciting packages ever written for Delphi I've seen so far.


I have designed a test application using standalone server mode over default port 8077. Now I have decided to move it to a test server using port 80. But when I try to change port value to 80 under XE6 Object Inspector, it just turns back to 8077. Actually I have tried many random numbers too but they did not work eighter.


I thought it is probably because of IIS/Apache but after IIS has been shut down, it is still the same. 


Just tried to telnet 80 to make sure there is no other app listening port 80. And no, there was no response on port 80. Telnet just can't connect. I have also tried to netstat -a to see if there is a hook to port 80, again, port 80 wasn't listed.


Similarly, I  can't  change Title property from "New Application" to anything else. Why is that?


I'm using Unigui 0.99.0 and RAD Studio XE6 on Windows 8.1 OS.







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