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[Mobile] ProgressBar.js not found


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I'm adding a mobile module to an existing unigui app. I add a Mobile Login Form and a Mobile Main Form, then when run app with localhost:8077/m it only show the loading... message. In the log file is the following message:


myApp: 00154F30: 12:34:55 [HandleFileRequest[]]:File not found: C:\Program Files\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\touch-2.4.1\src\ProgressBar.js


How to solve the problem.





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Have you downloaded and installed Sencha Touch?

Yes, it is installed in: C:\Program Files\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\touch-2.4.1


I download it from the sencha page.


I'm Using:


Delphi XE6





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What components are on your mobile form?

Make sure you are not using regular uniGUI desktop controls.




I only create a Mobile Login Form with two TUnimEdit and Two TUnimButton, the main Mobile form is empty by now. 


Remember I'm trying to do a Hybrid App with and existing one... I used to have a progressbar in the Unigui App, but I remove it and all the uses references from the source.


Note that I had compiled the Hybrid example and it run successfully, I also create a mobile app from scratch With mobile Login form and a Main Mobile form and it run successfully too. the problem is with my Hybrid app and only with the /m, it only say Loading.... and the log file show that progressbar.js not found.


thanks for your time,

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Please send me a test project.


Hi Farshad thank you for your time, I finally found the solution to the problem.


Months before i was trying to implement the following: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4147-progress-bar-pager-extension/?hl=progressbarpager.js


and i put this (files/ProgressBarPager.js) in the CustomFiles property in ServerModule, then now, after remove it, my Hybrid app works fine.


Thank you again, now let me continue with my Hybrid project.

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