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Hello my friends experts, would leave the part of html code to a professional web designer in Unigui ??? Example: programmers create the form, the edits and buttons calling the business rules, after that the web designer to add the html and css !!! Separate the layers !!!

I appreciate any help!

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I think you can only separate the use of CSS for the design, because the HTML is generated internally.
In summary, the designer with UniGui is the creator of the Views(Forms) with good knowledge of CSS.
UniGui is a RAD web framework and the main focus is to bring to Delphi developers a powerful tool for developing Web applications.
It's a little different you need to build a website with design patterns and separation of the layers, etc. It is not the purpose, and if this is the case, UniGui would not be the best option. As I said, and it's just an opinion, are different aspects.
Still, with a little effort, you can be able to create an application or website with a cool design.
For me, today, the UniGui is the most amazing web framework for Delphi developers.
Cristiano Testai




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