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Firebird vs Mysql ?


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UniDac + Firebird   -> Easy to install anywhere. No maintenance for DB. Server very easy to program (sp, triggers, views, selectable stored proc. etc )

                                   On table in excess of 10 mil, response time in index search under 2 sec. ( from the time user presses "Search" to when screen is updated)

UniDac + Postgres -> Server more pretentious but has lots of usefull features.

mySQL                   -> Not used lately because we don't know how Oracle's policy will evolve. 

                                   Not checked lately but it used to have problems  with concurent updates. So if it's an application that mostly reads , it's ok.

                                   If it is an ERP, WMS I would be more carefull.


IBX        -> Use in the past. Not reccomended !

Zeos     -> Free. Has some drawbacks but is usable for budget projects. Quite fast !

FireDac -> Just started to check on them.


Firebird vs Postgres

Selects/updates almost the same speed.

Inserts Firebird lags behind but keeps the index structure up to date which is not the case for Postgres.


pgsql ->. Lots of features but does not verify properly variables . You can find yourself in the situation when after 6 months

               a loop discovers that a variable does not exist ! It reminds me of the Basic times !

Firebird -> Very strong programming language. Checks everything ! Not so good to signal errors ! Stupid messages !


N.B. In Firebird you have to be very careful how you handle transactions. It drives mad the mySQL programmers !


I have the "feeling" that Apache has better response time. Maybe it's just my feeling.

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