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is a standard Delphi Unit thead safe ?


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Hi all,

I want to use an UniFrame with controls, and write its business logic on a seaparate unit (add a standard Delphi Unit) let's say Ucode.pas


This technic allows to write code ones (same base code) for desktop and mobile (just add an other UniFrame for mobile and use the same Unit Ucode.pas)


1- Is it a good way ?

2- In other word is a standard Unit thread safe ?

3- Can i use instead an UniDataModule ?

4- Is it a plane to integate an UniUnit (thread safe) ?


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You can use a DataModule created from uniGUI wizard.


Write your business logic in this DataModule and share it among mobile and desktop.


As long as you don't use global variables your code is thread-safe provided that you don't use any third-party component which is not thread-safe.

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Hi sokel,

yes :

- MainModule and UniDataModule are Client side (Target each cession).

- ServerModule is Server side. It's dangerous and forbidden to declare a public variable on serverModule.


In public section of MainModule, your variable will be global for one thread (1 cession). That's the correct way.

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In my knowledge : Yes the two are possible.

1. If you declare it in a global unit (standard Delphi Unit) the constant is the same for all clients (sessions).


2. If you declare it in an UniDataModule or MainModule your constant will be viewed only by one client (its session).



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