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New BMUniDBGrid with MultiSelection Rows and PopUpMenu Vers. 098. and 099.

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Hi,   A new version of BMUniDBGrid only for 098.50.1144 and 090...   Mr. Bressler has modified the code to support multiselection rows in version unigui 098.50.1144.       Given that M

hi rullomare   i try to install package BMUiniDbGrid in delphi xe3 but raise errors.   so i remark this codes :   procedure TBMUniDBGrid.JSEventHandler(AEventName: String;   AParams: TUniStrings

Hi,   Change  {$IFDEF COMPILER_18_UP} //XE5 and higher                in                    {$IFDEF COMPILER_17_UP} //XE3 and higher   Sorry ! 

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Hi Fenix


I'm sorry for be missing for a long time (personal problems). Here is what you were asking for (thanks to Salvatore). I hope it can be useful to you.


Link updated here.


PS: I added an installer called Build.EXE to the component (from Spring4D framework project). Now installation process is easier, you don't have to add manually the path to Options/Library. Enjoy it.


Best regards.

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Hi guys


Here is an update of BMUniDBGrid supporting Delphi Berlin and last version of UniGUI. I'm sorry the delay. I hope it could be useful to you.


Best regards


PS: I can't upload the file as attachment, so I decided to share the Git repository with you. Enjoy it. Link 



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