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Connection Recovery Questions


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Hi Farshad,


I'm testing some situations with the Connection Failure Recovery:


1) When the application loses connection to the Server for some instability or other reason, the browser shows the Connection Recovery Message with Mask. If at the time of loss of connection, the application was performing a request with an active ScreenMask, the browser continues to show the Screen Mask of the request, along with the Mask of Recovery Connection, where I think these cases should be automatically hides the mask the request because the screen in the browser gets confused. It is possible to hide the Screen Mask of the request if it is active?


2)  If the client session has lost the connection to the server where the server is ok, with the Connection Recovery, after reestablish the connection, the request that was being made, it is again performed, as if there were not lost the connection to the server? Example: I'm making a query in the database (server side) and the Client Session has lost the connection at the beginning of the request, after a few seconds of attempted recovery, the connection is reestablished. In this scenario, the request is made again?
3) Now with the scenario where the server crashed temporarily: Is there any way (I think not), that when the server is up again, the "old" active client sessions are reconfigured with new sessions, to automatically connect to the server, simulating a stateless environment?
   Currently, obviously, when the server is active again, occurs the message Invalid Session.
I await your comments,




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1 - It is not possible to disable active screen masks, but you can fully customize the recovery mask to suit better your app.


2 - A failed request can be sent several times until it is executed by the server, Recovery protocol ensures that each request will be executed on server only once.


3 - It is almost impossible. A crashed server means that everything restarts and all previous sessions and related states are gone.

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