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UniURLFrame x TWebBrowser (Delphi)


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I need automatically fill in web forms, fill in the fields, perform the functions of the buttons, 
logging in automatically on a page.
must also read the result of a form.
In Delphi i use the TWebBrowser that does the job perfectly.
I'm having trouble using the TUniURLFrame. someone help me, or know if it is possible to do this with TUniURLFrame?



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In Delphi with TWebBrowser works well:



PROCEDURE TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

  Doc3: IHTMLDocument3;


hold up ...


  Doc3 := Webbrowser1.Document AS IHTMLDocument3;
  Doc3.getElementById('email').setAttribute('value', 'neto@hotmail.com', 0);
  Doc3.getElementById('pass').setAttribute('value', 'pAsswOrd', 0);
  WebBrowser1.OleObject.Document.all.Item('loginbutton', 0).click;





Anyone have any idea how to do this UniGUI?


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TWebBrowser is actually OLE browser window, it can't be used on server. UniGUI is server side library.


And you did it wrong even with TWebBrowser. It works, but it's horrible. Instead you check GET/POST url address of a form and parameters names, then use Indy library to perform this operation, get back html page in a string and parse it for needed data. And that method can be done on the server inside unigui app too.

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