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Trial version endded


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Sr, Unigui:   


Mr. Unigui, I downloaded version 0.9 of its software, but now, I can still use your software, this because the trial ended. The next step is 1) acquire (buy) the software, 2) What do I do to activate the trial version again.
    I am waiting for your response


Avispopnverde from Mexico


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Regarding the professional license, I want to know if I can install the developer's computer and publish the applications on another computer (server) ???


In my company the server is not the same development computer.


If I buy a professional unit of version 0.97, so I can install on a computer?


I'm waiting and I thank


Answer is yes to all above.



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  • 3 months later...

Hi everybody:


I dont know how to say this but....my uniGUI components in delphi xe3 disappeard !, it is the endding of trial version or magic or what ? Help ! I need extend time a little bit to present a web page test. Thanks any help.


Thanks again.

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Thank you AbakSoft:


I un-install uniGUI, then re-install and ..nothing. 3 days ago I use Microsoft Fix App, and install Windows 7  Service Pack1. I don't know if this could delete uniGUI components from Delphi.


Thanks Again For your help.

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