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More on Licensing...

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As it becomes apparent from or EULA, uniGUI is distributed under a Named User License scheme similar to Delphi itself.


From our EULA:


A single license of this product is licensed for one seat only. Each developer can install his/her own copy of
uniGUI on one or more than one PCs which will be used by him/her only. A single license can not be shared
among several developers in same company even if they do not use the product at the same time. For each
uniGUI developer in your company you need to obtain a separate license.


Please let me remind that uniGUI license can not be considered as a site license. You can't buy a single copy and distribute it among other developers in your company.  For each developer who will work with uniGUI you need to obtain a separate license. In short, you can't share your license with other developers whether they work for same company or not. Each developer should get his/her own copy of uniGUI.


Currently, we are heavily concerned on, fixing issues, adding feature and in general finishing the product. Again, it doesn't mean that we will ignore uniGUI license terms. My aim is not to constantly nag people about licensing. However, please keep in mind that in future we may develop additional license check methods such as Online Activation to better expose conditions where there is a license infringement.


Once again let me express my gratitude to those who have supported us by ordering a subscription.


Thank you

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