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Price scale fixing web application ?

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Hi all,


I have no idea, how to fix a price for a web application (unigui).

Of course, it depends on countries, on project size and other parameters (like hosting subscription).


On google, some french developper get (350€ - 500€ / day).

But in Algeria where i live, that price ar'nt possible : too expensive !

So, i would be glad if anyone can give us his expertise or somme exemple for pricing an unigui web application (CRUD).


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Here in palastine the price depending on parameters that you mentioned but it's something like 50$-70$/hour.

So you have to estimate how much will took you to accomplish all missions related to project and after that it will be much easier to give a quote to your client.


Here how we do it (be a proffessional):


1. Get as much as possible details for the project from your client (every thing).

2. Don't rush and be patient: means your are a programmer and know all aspects of development issues when client ask for 'X' don't say I'll do for you 'X' and 'Y' and...keep something for future updates.

​3. Write a professional quote: with your logo at top of the page and your tel,cel,address at the buttom, convert the file to .pdf, don't send it as .doc or docx.

4. Get him involved: use "balsamiq mockup", or photoshop (which I prefer) to  draw the windows of all the project, and attach these images to your qoute.

​5. In your quote you mention these:

    - SLA for beta release (always give yourself a time window for unexpected issues).

    - Warranty and bug fixing (for limited time: 1,2...months)

    - The price.


This how we do it, others may have different ideas. 

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What i normally do is after i spoke the client i write a document which descripes the

the things we discussed and it also contains the requirements and the the scope of the project.


This scope describes WHAT but also WHAT'S NOT is n the scope. Most clients think that you

build all the things for the same price. Finally the customer has to confirm/sign the document

and there for also signs for the scope.


Our price is between € 40-85 euro


Regards Peter

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Ho, ho ...

Thank you very much Mohammad,

Thank you very much Peter,

It's good to hear you. When i read your post, it give me much hope,

because it has been 10 years, i have developed like a slave.


Now, with the new dimension which offer unigui (thanks to Farshad),

the story will change.


I wish you all the Best...

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