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animate window onShow / onClose


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Hello folks ...


i am searching a solution (i think javascript is the right way - but not my strength) for following situation:


if a uniForm is shown (Or Create) - it should be created  on -> main.width + newform. width 

when - it schould animate to     ->  trunc (main.width / 2) - ( newform. width / 2 )


and uniForm before close - it should animate to  negative value of newform.width .. and if it reaches the position - it should close ..


in small words:

  • onShow or OnCreate - it slides in from right to middle of the screen
  • onBeforeClose - it slided out and close itselfe


Can someone please help me :-) ... 





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Hello :-)


i found a small solution:

function window.beforeclose(panel, eOpts)
 panel.animate({ duration: 300, to: { x:-1000, opacity: 0} });
function window.beforeshow(sender, eOpts)
 sender.animate({ duration: 0, to: { x:2000, opacity: 0} });
 sender.animate({ duration: 300, to: { x:200, opacity: 100} });




Now i have additional questions:


in function "window.beforeshow" :

  • How can i set the first value of "x" to Mainform.width + 100  ... so the form is out of the browser-area
  • How can i set the second value of "x"  to  trunc( (Mainform.width/2) - (the form.width/2) ) ... so the form is in the middle of the screen






..is it possible to add this "Slide in / Slide out" - Effect to a message Dialog ? .. would be cool ;-)



ThanX for suggestions

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