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RDP with tunnel


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You can also use FortiClient (software) from fortinet compny: http://www.forticlient.com/


If you want more security you may use: FortiGate (hardware) from fortinet, I have one.


- FortiGate gives you the ability to use both SSLVPN and VPN for maximum security.

- You can migrate it to use server active directory.

- You can use the Client  to Site (c2s) feature. 

- You can use the Site to Site (s2s) feature. 


Also you may use Checkpoint hardware: safe@office or massive one "blade".


Also you may use cisco ASA (cisco really good with routers and switchs but with security I don't think so :-() 


Remember the forti/checkpoint hardware are expensive but it gives you the maximum security.

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For a semi professional / cheap solution you can use the windows VPN.

You must only configure the firewall/ router to accept VPN tunnel and route

the RDP to the server you want. Even a 100$ router that can support dd-wrt can be

configured to accept such connections.

I think that if you are not NSA you can use such a solution. Anyway they know everything !

If i'm not mistaking, you can turn encription on in the RDP !

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