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UniDBGrid Colapisble Detail


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 Hi All,
 I have a UniDBGrid that displays records from a simple list of customers, with Name, Email and Phone columns.
 I want this grid, have a column(collapible) before the Name, content with symbol "+", which, when clicked on it, appears   below another grid(detail) containing the information of the location of the customer, with the columns City, State and Country.  If the User click again (symbol "-"), the detail grid disappears, because it must be colapisible.
I know that currently in UniGui, this feature does not exist but is very similar to the example of the Grouping, only need to show the columns of City, State and Country in a grid below, which should appear when the user selects the indicated column with the "+" symbol. 


Attached I show an image with the feature that need to have.


It would be possible to do this in some way? Any Idea?



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