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iPhone-Style-Toggle-Slide-for-ExtJS for Unigui


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  Sencha plugin - iPhone-Style-Toggle-Slide-for-ExtJS (Buttons) for Unigui. 





For documentation of the properties of the component see Doc.txt (sencha documentation in zip File) .


Only tested with Delphi XE3 and Unigui 0.96,0.97, I think it also works with version 0.95. 


I do not think there are big problems with the other version of Delphi. 









1) Build and install TunixToggleButton.dpk 


2) compile and run XTogglebutton.dpr 



Have fun. 


Let me know! 


P.Š. maybe soon I will post  a new  component  "Form Field Toggles". 



Salvatore Marullo
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Hi  liteci,


See also : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/4722-sencha-unigui-iphone-style-button-togglebuttons-toggleformfields-toggletoolbar/?hl=iphone


IPhone  Style Button  -  Toggles   FormFields,    Toggles Toolbar,  Toggles Button. 


Tested with Unigui 0.90.50.








Salvatore Marullo

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