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ISAPI deployment with in place DLL replacement.

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I thought this might be handy for anyone with an IIS box that needs to update a UniGUI ISAPI dll and not STOP/START the IIS Webservice.


Attached is an ISAPILoader.zip file containing the Delphi Source code + Binaries. (source is google).


Its easy to use.


1) Grab the NON_DEBUG and rename it to the name you like.   (ie..      MySuperApp.dll  )

2) Rename your UNIGUI DLL to the same name with a .RUN extension.   (ie..    MySuperApp.run  )


At this point deploy as normal. The ISAPI Loader will load the .RUN file.


Now to upgrade the UNIGUI ISAPI DLL, simply place your app with a .UPDATE extension.  (ie.    MySuperApp.update)


In < 10 secs it will see the update, unload the old version. Rename the .run file as .backup and rename the .update to .run


No requirement for Stopping/Starting the IIS Service to unload the DLL.




Click here for the ISAPILOADER.zip

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I'm testing ISAPI Loader and I came across a problem that I do not understand.

If squeegee normal isapi application, it runs quietly. However when I try to run using the ISAPI Loader it downloads the application and does not run.

The folder where is the application is released with all rights.

I'm testing a windows server 2008 R2 server.


I tested on a windows machine 8.1 and worked quietly, just in windows server 2008 could not result.


Could you help me?


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Can you check,

did you install unigui extjs runtime on your server ?


With my application built on isapi, already operates normally. Is downloaded only use the method described in this post, isapiloader to update the .dll. It seems anything related to security on windows server 2008, as in my local machine on the local IIS server, the update works.

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In tests we conducted in an environment with Windows 8.1 and IIS ran smoothly.

Only in windows server 2008 r2 is that when running the browser, it downloads the inves to run the application.

I saw in some forums someone talking about ISAPI safety criteria, but all I could find to grant permission in IIS I ever did.

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