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Update TUniMemo Dynamically


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I have a Window and in this window I have several Frames with content and it's designed to be a Wizard style interface.

On one of these Frames I have a TUniMemo and I want to keep adding content into this dynamically depending on what is happening in the software.

However, it's not working.


From the Frame I am creating a Thread. This Thread does the main work and I want to keep the user informed.

At first I tried standard events, did not update.


Next I tried passing in the TUniMemo to my thread and then updating the lines inside a Synchronize method, but still it does not get updated.


What is the most reliable / best solution to update a Memo this way ?

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Hi Farshad,



Developing Web based software requires one to shift paradigm thinking.

I am so used to developing for the desktop, this takes a little getting used to.


On a side note:

I know this is more Client side based and UniGui is all server based, but do you have any demos / examples of using HTML5 WebSockets ?

Or even just a quick example of how I use one. For example :=

the user clicks a button and I want to retrieve a webpage (using WebSockets) from the Client browser and then pass that result into the server.

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No, but we will implement a server -> client data flow mechanism.


Excellent :)

Do you have an estimated time frame on this ? (I know don't like giving time frames, but an estimate and I promise not to hold you to it ;) )


BTW: The uniTimer memo refresh now works perfectly.

Timer calls a thread function that implements a Critical Section inside to check string data and then updates memo accordingly :D

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