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Searching UniDbGrid PlugIn-Feauture Searching.js


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A new feature -Plugin  for UniDbGrid  :  Searching.js

post-1298-0-75660700-1409665147_thumb.png post-1298-0-18208600-1409665172_thumb.pngpost-1298-0-25828700-1409665191_thumb.pngpost-1298-0-36959600-1409665209_thumb.png




Before Use, First please read carefully the license of  searching.js 
I do not think there are problems, but the author has a paid version for Extjs 5. (Sencha Market) . 
I have made some changes, the original version does not work with Unigui. 
I added the following properties to the new uniguidbgrid: 
**      FPagingToolbarResizer : boolean; 
**      FSearchColumnsStr     : string; 
        FReconfigureColsMenu  : boolean; 
        FTrigger1ButtonTip    : string; 
        FTrigger2ButtonTip    : string; 
        FTrigger3ButtonTip    : string;       
        FSearchTitle          : String; 
        FSearchTipText        : String; 
As you can see from the pictures that I attach, you can define 3 triggerbuttons: 
   the first two are standart. 
  1) Clear Search    
  2) Search 
  3) Reconfigure Search Menu Fields. (optional) . 
  Each triggerbutton has its own tooltip .
if FPagingToolbarResizer Set to true (default), I use the Plugin -PageSize Extension for UniDBGrid-  posted  by  Delpi Developer.  
if FReconfigureColsMenu Set to true (default is false) you get 3 triggerbuttons. 
There are 3 ways to create the  "Search fields Menu"  
1) Define  Columns (TunidbgridColumns)  in unidbgrid 
2) use the property FsearchColumnsStr in the following form: 
    for example: NAME,AREA                              NAME,AREA are Fields . fields must be separated by commas
3) After runnging, click then  Trigger3Button :  Reconfigure Search Menu Fields. 
   **   FReconfigureColsMenu  must set to true. 
In your new programs,
copy to ServerModule-CustomCss: 
x-form-std-trigger {
cursor: pointer; 
overflow: hidden; 
background-repeat: no-repeat; 
add to ServerModule-CustomFiles: 
copy to files folder PagingToolbarResizer.js . 
The attached demo that does not have many data, sorry. 
To avoid this message at first running  :
 newgridx: 00000B28: 12:59:01 [HandleFileRequest]:File not found: C:\Program Files\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\ext-\src\ux\grid\feature\Searching.js
  in the zip file you will find a -src- folder,  copy  to  C:\Program Files\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\ext-\
 ' C:\Program Files\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\ext-\ '  is the folder where I installed Unigui, your maybe different. 
I hope it's everything. 
  P.s.  tested only with Delphi XE3 and Unigui 096...    
package MsSearchGrid;
  UniGUI17;   // 17 =  Delphi XE3 . Change with  your Delphi Release 
  MSUniSearchGrid in 'MSUniSearchGrid.pas';
 1) Build and Install package.  
 2) Compile and running demo program. 
Have fun 
Best regards.
Salvatore Marullo,
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Hi Ronny, 




 receive the error when building the package ? 


I do not thinkI have a included a  DCU  file in  then zip file.


check the units   Uses  Clause or   add the delphi XE7 (x64) directives in the package.



Sorry I am still in delphi XE4   !!!














Go Up to Error and Warning Messages (Delphi) Index




This error occurs when a compiled unit file (.dcu file) has a bad format.

Most likely, the file has been corrupted. Recompile the file if you have the source. If the problem persists, you may have to reinstall Delphi.

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Hello, I tried to install in Delphi XE7 and I got these error 

[dcc32 Fatal Error] MsSearchGrid.dpk(36): F2048 Bad unit format: 'MsUniSearchGrid.dcu' - Expected version: 27.0, Windows Unicode(x86) Found version: 27.0, Windows Unicode(x64)

How did you manage to install it in Delphi XE7? AFAIK, XE7 is not supported yet.

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