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I'm trying to make some tests with this, and trying to compare ECharts with Chart.js and Highcharts.

Attached is a txt file with the script that I'm trying to test, done in the same way I that do with others.

I do something like this:

    chart1.html.text := '';

    scriptgr := tstringlist.create;
    scriptgr.loadfromfile(UniServerModule.StartPath + 'graf/test.txt');
    chart1.html.text := scriptgr.text;


This way works with scripts done with Chartjs, but not with ECharts.


Can someone help to me? I'm missing sonething in my script, but I don't know what.

Thanks in advance.



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After more test, attached is the last file. When load for first time, in the browser cosole is the error "MyChart is not defined.

When try to lado second time, the chart is shown ok.

Maybe a little mistake, but I can't see it.

Some help? Please?



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