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I wonder what the maximum the customer server supports the unigui without losing performace. and would also like to know if you have as usalo without putting the ip + port by exchanging link www.pointltda.com.br/8080



I wonder what the maximum the customer server supports the unigui without losing performace.



a difficult question. It depends mainly on what you want to do with your app. If the db server is located on the same server and you reserve 2 Cores for the db server but you have only a vServer with 2GB and 2 vCores - than it is likely that you run into troubles very soon. A simple rule: get the server with the highest possible ressources. If you don´t want to lease a dedicated server you will get a vServer. Old offers often stuck at 4GB or 2 or 4 vCores. If you want to start a real world application with 50 users, heavy PDF generating and downloading and heavy db access, look for the newest offers: you may get a vServer with 8 or 16 vCores, and 16 or even 30GB RAM. More and more providers do offer these higher class vServers, same priced as the ones some months ago, but even more ressources. In the moment I am testing a handful different vServers, and what I can say at the moment, there are really differences when testing disk access, RAM. CPU, networking. If you look somewhat deeper in the hardware, you can see that you can get vServers based on desktop hardware, or based on highclass machines. Also the virtualization software used is an important point. Or the setup of the virtualization software: on some vServers you even can`t check the free memory (really...), because the provider uses virtual memory to get some more vServers with the same memory, that said your vServer just only gets the memory he needs at the momemt and then the virtualization software takes the memory back. That said, your application on a vServer may really become more troubles than on a dedicated server. Go with a dedicated if you want to lease your apps to many customers. As a rule dedicated servers begin at 3 or more of the price of a high class vServer. But then you get a ordinary one. There the work even begins: think about backups, monitoring software, alert systems, antivirus and security software (see the new section of this topic in this forum) .... the support times of your provider (out at the weekend?) and many more. You see: start hosting a UniGUI application is easy, but giving the security for 99% uptime will become a heavy and not cheap task.


To another point, testing of your UniGUI app. I am looking for some time now to do testing with 10, 20 or 50 users, but I did not find a test suite which can handle the ExtJS stuff in an automatic testing way. Look for a testing suite which can record some action with your UniGUI app, and then can playback the record scenario changed with some parameters on different machines. I did not find such a testing software. If anyone can give a hint here, that would be great.

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