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LiveSearchGridPanel with Unigui. 
Tested only with Delphi XE3 and Unigui 0.096 ... 
In the attached zip file  the  New Component and demo program. 
Caution: The first time I launched the demo, I received in Unigui  Log File the message :
 [HandleFileRequest]: File not found: C:\Program Files\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\ext-\src\ux\statusbar\StatusBar.js 
Honestly I did not investigate too much: I have only created the required directories: \src\ux\stausbar\ and I copied the file StatusBar.js 
all files (*.js)  used  are in the  directory "Files" 
P.S.   PagingToolbarResizer:  PageSize Extension for UniDBGrid  posted by Delphi Developer


Have Fun !!
Best regards
Salvatore Marullo 
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hi rullomare,


i try but still keep loading




Standart unidbgrid have search functions.


in standard unidbgrid demo, I only found grid filter. 


for me, the grid filter is rather difficult to apply to the application that I made, because each column of data search is different. if I have to change the column editor at the time of data search, it seems to be very inconvenient. I want to create a standard form for searching record, like form that you created above

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hi rullomare,


apparently this component not suitable with google chrome, i try in opera and firefox browser, live search grid application run well. 


maybe you have tips and tricks so that applications can run on google chrome or possible in every browser

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Hi Hazzoa,


I tried with Chrome Version 43.0.2357.81 and working properly.
If it works with Firefox and Opera, you have, probably, a problem with Chrome.
clear the cache of chrome.
View the log, and see if there are error messages.
Regards .
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