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Setting the date format VCL vs ISAPI

Sistema Fenix

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Hello everybody! 
Please, I'm racking my brains to solve the date format. 
At the date VCL is exactly as I want, but when I compile and publish in IIS format is completely different. 
Have I set the regional settings of the server, but to no avail. 
Thanks for your help.




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Hi Fenix.

I think there are a few ways to do this, one of the ways you can use the column's renderer.


UniDBGrid1 -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> ...

function reconfigure(sender, store, columns, oldStore, the, eOpts)
  columns[4].renderer = Ext.util.Format.dateRenderer('d/m/Y H:i:s');
  columns[5].renderer = Ext.util.Format.dateRenderer('d/m/Y');

Best regards.

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Thanks for all answers. 
I opted:
  System.SysUtils.FormatSettings.ShortDateFormat := 'dd/mm/yyyy';
  System.SysUtils.FormatSettings.LongDateFormat := 'dd/mm/yyyy';
  System.SysUtils.FormatSettings.ShortTimeFormat := 'hh:mm';
  System.SysUtils.FormatSettings.LongTimeFormat := 'hh:mm:ss';
  System.SysUtils.FormatSettings.CurrencyString := 'R$ ';
  System.SysUtils.FormatSettings.TimeAMString := '';
  System.SysUtils.FormatSettings.TimePMString := '';


This option set all formats of all screens. 


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