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UniDBGrid Loading Data loop


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I updated my 0.95 project to 0.96. Did I miss some configuration stuff?

I am having problems loading data from a query into a UniDBGrid, it remains loading data for ever and the app get locked up. The only way out is pressing F5 to the browser.

My query returns 30 tuples, and is strange, because other queries work well.

Attached image when loading process is running and I move the window.

Any ideas? please.



Sorry, I post this too soon, it seems to be my mistake, I'm not sure.

Additionally I'm having problems with a Modal window.

I call it from a normal window, but it showed up hide behind.


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Thanks erdal,

I reproduced loop but no log file created.

In past log files I can see:


eSICOP_IE_3: 00001BA0: 22:32:47 [HandleFileRequest]:File not found: D:\TD\eSICOP_IE_3\images\skins\simple\awesome-overlay-sprite.png


But I don't know if it is related.

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Well, I made some fixes in the way I called my UForm containing the UDBGrid.


UF_busq.FormStyle   := fsStayOnTop;


Seems that only with ShowModal command sometimes the UForm remains back from the another one calling it.


UDBGrid Data loading is functioning right, I assume the problem was the way I tryied to load the UForm.


Thanks to all and specially to Farshad by his concern.



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