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Unigui support Lazaurs


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about Lazarus






The aim of Lazarus is to use Free Pascal, so that Pascal can run all the Free platform, Lazarus can run. The latest version can run on Linux, Win32 and Mac OS. The interface and Delphi operation and IDE, therefore, if you are using Delphi, use the Lazarus IDE to be handy.

Now more and more manufacturers have been in support of Delphi based on Vcl\Fmx (provide) began to support theLazarus control installation package.

For example: specify the database controls unidac, famous, famous report control FastReport communication control RemObjects & RealThinClient.

LAZARUS has the following advantages:

1, free, open source (we all know that Delphi IDE is very expensive)

2, cross platform compiler, such as support for X86\ARM\Linux\Mac

3, rich controls (recommended to install the Lazarus integrated environment http://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/codetyphon)

4, practice has proved a lot of VLC controls after appropriate modifications can support Lazaurs (installed CodeTyphon can see a lot of transplantation of Vcl controls)



Similar to the Unigui framework and Raudus (http://www.raudus.com/), Raudus can provide Lazarus support.

So I think unigui after appropriate modifications should also be completed.

If Unigui provides Lazarus support can be a good solution to the Liunx server deployment problems.


关于 Lazarus



Lazarus的设计目标是应用Free Pascal,所以所有凡是Free Pascal能运行的平台,Lazarus都可以运行。最新版本能运行于Linux,Win32和Mac OS。整个界面的外观和操作和Delphi IDE一样,因此,如果你会使用Delphi的话,用起Lazarus IDE来就一定能得心应手了。
现在越来越多的厂商已经在支持Delphi Vcl\Fmx 基础上开始支持(提供)lazarus控件安装包。
例如:注明的数据库控件unidac、著名的报表控件fastreport、著名的通讯控件RemObjects &  RealThinClient.
1、免费、开源(大家都知道Delphi IDE是很贵的)
3、丰富的控件(建议安装这个Lazarus集成环境 http://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/codetyphon)




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+1 Cost of make a web application running on Linux using Delphi is too expensive compared with other solutions. New Lazarus Web Frameworks in on the roll. Not yet as UniGUI, but they don't stop improving its frameworks.

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