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cookies - an alternative to Unigui cookies? JStorage.js

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  Lately I've read in the forum that there are some small problems with cookies.



  There is an alternative to Unigui cookies? 


  I think so! : JStorage.js - store data locally with JavaScript. 


  Definitely not elegant as the Unigui solution,but it works. 


  I have already used Jstorage.js in Unigui test applications; seems to work fine with all browsers. 




  Please  read carefully the documentation on the site  http://www.jstorage.info    ,if you want to use it. 





  So I decided to write a new "component" Unigui  TBroStorage (certainly not very standart.  The Unigui documentation 

  not help much in this). 


  The idea was to build a non-visual component, but i not find an appropriate Ext-class, so I improvised. 


  I want to share it with the forum in the hope that some more experienced Member can improve it. 


  Other Plugins used: lz-String.js: JavaScript compression, fast!  http:\\pieroxy.net/blog/pages/lz-string/index.html






  Tested only with Delphi XE3 and Unigui 


  I think it work with the Unigui release 0.95.0.xx


  I do not think there are problems with other releases of Delphi, 


  just have to change the package : UniGUIxx.dcp,  xx = Delphi release. 




  Installation :



  install  Brostorage.dpk  (Only for Delphi XE3) 


  Add new Path in Delphi>Tools>Delphi Options>Library 





  Campile and Run demo TestBrojs.dpr 




  Have fun! 



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Hi ,


which delphi release you are using ?


DesignIntf.dcu is for Delphi XE3. 


 DesignIntf.dcu i  used only  to hide some properties on design time, it is not important , only cosmetic. 
Let me know if you find the unit  corresponding  for your Delphi  release  .
Best regards.
Salvatore Marullo
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maybe you can help






Defines the interfaces and classes used by the property editors in the IDE.

To use the DesignIntf and DesignEditors units with Delphi, you need to add the following compiler option on the Compiling page in Project Options:


With C++, you need to ensure that $(BDS)\include\windows\vcl\design is added to the INCLUDE path, and that designide.bpi is added to the Requires of your package.

For more information, see the comments in the source; the DesignIntf.pas source file is liberally commented.




Salvatore Marullo

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Hi Ronny , 


The data save in the Window Temp Files ?   , no the data is store in  Browser(Client) Storage. 


Please see   http://www.jstorage.info/     Is explained better than I can explain. 



Is Possible to write data at client Side to the files from another Application  ? 


sorry ,I do not understand the question. 


In an application, I save the data to a Mysql table. 
If the client (Browser) has deleted the data, I can restore from Mysql table. 
Each Browser application, if  knows the key,  can access the data.


Best Regards 
Salvatore Marullo
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Hi Ronny, 


The data is stored in the Browser "Local Storage" such as cookies. 
I think it's a little difficult to access data with a desktop application, however, can try to create a file (from unigui application) with something. 
  WriteToFile function (sText) {
var fso = new ActiveXObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject"); 
var s = fso.CreateTextFile ("C: \\ test.txt", true); 
s.WriteLine ("helloworld"); 
s.Close (); 
or save the data From Server site code;
or delphi application with  Embedded Web Browser - EmbeddedWB


Sorry !!! 
As soon as I have some time, I see if I can find something. 
Best Regards
Salvatore Marullo
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