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UniGUI - File Explorer


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A simple file explorer that is able to upload and download files. The folders are loaded dynamically as the user browse the folder structure, hence saving resources and it is very quick. It also has a search functionality to search within a current folder.



Explorer like interface

Quick and lite on resources - dynamic loading of folder structure and file data

Uploading and downloading files



3rd party components requirements:

DevArt's TVirtualTable (http://www.devart.com/vtable/download.html) Binary version is free!



Windows 7 64bit 8GB RAM

Delphi XE5 Update 2

DevArt TVirtual Table



How to run:

EXE included in the RELEASE folder, otherwise install TVirtualTable and then recompile.

Connect to

Default folder that is shown in the browser is C:\.



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i found this project and i find it very usefull..


But it workes not correctly:

  • if i expand a folder - it does not work at the first click
  • if i expand a folder and close the folder and click the folder name  - > after open the folder again, the subfolder records are duplicating every time ..
  • if i expande a folder with a lot of subfolders - the treeview scrolles to the end 


i am not good enouth to repair this - but it would be nice if someone can update this 🙂


ThanX and nice greetings from austria


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