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'server unavailable,please try later ' popup often,what's the reason?


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I use a unidbgrid,a unidbmemo,a unihtmlframe,a query dataset from mysql,when unidbgrid row changes,the data in the dataset will be update to unidbmemo and unihtmlframe,if I just query the data,everything seems ok,but when I edit the data in the unidbmemo,and update to dataset and unihtmlframe

,'server unavailable,please try later ' error popup often,but not every time.

someone can help me?thanks!


my envis:

delphi xe2

unigui 0.95.10046




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but I set AjaxTimeout=300000,is 5 minutes.I find that if I post normal text,it often works good, but post texts that contain html tokens ,it offen fails,and popup "server unavailable,please try later"

error.After then,any operations on the browser just get error again.

And before post,I have encode the texts that contain html tokens using js function esacpae.



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