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Apache regulary hangs


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Hi all.

I have uniGUI 0.95 + appache 2.4 (As ISAPI) with SSL.

All work fine, but regulary every 2-3 week appache hangs, CPU usage = 0, memory usage normal, but no answer in browser :(

Helps only appache restarting.

No errors in appache log, only some warnings...


Some errors sometimes I have in uniGUI log, for example:

Melisa: 000011F0: 10:55:17 [TUniGUISession]:Exception raised while destroying session: Access violation at address 01DE6680 in module 'melisa.dll'. Read of address 0000FFFC

But this error was not today, today hang again without any error :


I, think, this is very serious problem, because, in summary system is very unstable :(



Any ideas ?













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