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uniURLFrame: change background color of loaded page


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i want to change the background color of differnt pages in a uniURLFrame...


i tryed out:


procedure Ttestweppage.UniURLFrame1FrameLoaded(Sender: TObject);
UniSession.AddJS(UniURLFrame1.JSName+'.contentDocument.body.style.background = #ffffff;');
UniSession.AddJS(UniURLFrame1.JSName+'.contentDocument.body.style.background-image:none = none;');

..but doesn´t work 


Has anyone a tipp ?




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Hello Del Dev


thanx for suggestion .. i tryed out - but didn´t work ... i dont know if the included page is the problem ..


the included page has this definition according chrome-dev-tools:


body {
  1. background-color#E1E1E1;
  2. background-positiontop center;
  3. background-repeatrepeat-x;
  4. background-image:url(....) 



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