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O.T.: schedule started uniGUI.dll on Apache webserver


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Hello folks,


i want to calculate a lot of tables every 15 minutes ....


short description:

A firebird-database has a lot of tables ... and a table for statistics should be updated every 15 minutes ... the job contains a lot of calculations and different sql statements ... takes about 2 minutes with a standard win32 application on a standard Server-System.


So - i am thinking about a second uniGui.dll - which will make this job ...


Is it possible to tell apache-webserver to start a "statistic.dll" every 15 minutes? (Session timeout 14 min)


.. where are a lot of ways to create a windows-service or a schedule-based solution with a win32bit application

BUT - i prefere a apache-uniGUI solution .. so nothing should be installed or configurated in the OperatingSystem - just in the Apache-Webserver...


Has anyone ideas how to realise this?




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