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Minor improvements for TUniDBGrid


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Is it possible to implement something like CharEOL property in grid similar to edits, where you set charcode and the KeyPress event is fired only for it?
The reason I'm asking is to implement keyboard controlled editing of grid in a separate form. Now I'm using Grid.KeyDown event to check for Enter key, then show modal form to edit the current record. This works almost fine, the problem is Grid.ScreenMask which is activated for every grid event including pressing any key while grid is focused. Mask makes grid "flickering" while navigating with keyboard, that's why I want an event that is fired only on specific key and will use Grid.ScreenMask since need to protect against lags and latency especially when controlled with keyboard.


The other feature is TUniDBGridColumn.Flexible property. Right now I'm using ExtEvent

function beforereconfigure(sender, store, columns, oldStore, the, eOpts) { columns[1].flex=1;}

but would be nice to have it built-in.


And the last one is TUniDBGridColumn.AutoHeight property to wrap text inside a column. Again easily done with css and TField.GetText event, but having it in uniGUI will reduce boilerplate code.


Thanks for a great framework!

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