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Azzurra Theme from Unigui

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i add my project but i not see window title.


Hi! You need to include the "azzurra.js" to ServerModule in custom files, such as:



procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleCreate(Sender: TObject);
  UniServerModule.CustomFiles.Add('ext-' + ExtJSVersion + '/resources/ext-theme-azzurra/js/azzurra.js');
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Dont work...

Put in ServerModule 



Extract files to ...FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\ext-\resources


And when i run app, dont change to azzurra theme...




Hi Bruno! Change the Theme property in your MainModule for: azzurra

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I have one question, if you can help me .

I would have to select the color for the theme in objects unigui

example Source Ext:
source: http://dox.codaxy.com/ext5-themes/Getting-Started#ui-styles
var panel = Ext.widget('panel', {
title: 'Panel with UI',
ui: 'blue-panel', <<<<<<======== here
frame: true,
height: 150,
width: 300,
buttons: [{
text: 'Button',
ui: 'orange-button' <<<<<<========

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the default theme is not applied by azzurra.js when the application is working with uniservermoduke.mainformdisplaypage = mfPage but it's ok with mfwindow.

extract of js :

Ext.define('Ext.window.WindowActiveCls', {
    override: 'Ext.window.Window',

    statics: {
        _activeWindow: null

    shadow: false,
    ghost: false,
    ui: 'blue-window-active',
    border: false,
    setActive: function (active, newActive) {


        var me = this;

        if (!me.el)

        if (Ext.getVersion().version >= '') {
            if (me.id.indexOf('window') == 0 && me.id.indexOf('-ghost') > 0)

        var paw = Ext.window.Window._activeWindow;

        if (active) {
            Ext.window.Window._activeWindow = me;

            if (paw && paw != me && paw.el) {
        } else {
            if (me!=paw)

How can i modify js for mfpage mode ?

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