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Msoft Slider - Create 3D banners


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Hi all,


Lately we needed to create a promotional banners for a local website and we had two options:
1. Flash banners (.swf)
2. HTML banners (.js based)
The problem with first choise was with smartphones and tablets which didn't support flash especially iOS, so we stick to 2nd choise and we found an amazing frameworks:
The only issue with those frameworks is GUI, there is no GUI tool that let you build banners fast and easy, So we decided to do it and  build a GUI tool for those frameworks.
At this moment we build (alpha version) of 'MSlider' and it's support 'cuteslider' only, we build it using unigui and projects are saved as .xml files, alot of things happens in ClientSide and some in server side.
Alpha version:
  - Create a projects
  - Open and edit existing projects 
  - Add background images
  - Set effect for slides (3D,2D)
  - Set delay for slides
  - Add text
  - Set effect for text (slide, fade)
  - Set delay for text
  - Preview...
  - Publish...
Here you can test it...http://mslider.net/
Some screenshots:









mHmD :-)

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Ramadan Kareem :-)


Here is a full source code with all files and .exe file... I hope it will help other :-)


Download from here (27 MB): http://3msoft.net/mhmd/Msoft_Slider.rar

Great design but is giving error in the compilation.
[dcc32 Fatal Error] MainModule.pas (6): F1026 File not found: 'D: \ Unigui \ Aplicacoes_Terceiros \ Msoft_Slider \ MemDS.dcu'
Delphi XE7 unigui 0.98
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