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Simple web Publisher


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a starting simple web Publisher  (user login = webdomino )


Need some feedback on different browser to see If there's problems with z-order e moving / resize box  (point to the box EDGE for move/resize).


Added a more efficient export to PDF.





can you send details about the login process




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work fine on cubieboard (arm7 linux linaro) using  cromium.


very interested how you did  to move and resize components in runtime.

See small demo attacched here   http://webdomino.it/documenti/move.zip

Basically you need to add some javascript to panel that can be moved inside a form.

To remove frame when select panel need to change css style.


With modality "mfWindows" there's some prioblem. Seem that panel coordinaes are always retative to screen (0,0) and not form (0,0).

I find no way to force panel position to it's parent.


HERE we need help from Farshad or some other java script master. 

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