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Now attach the same example but assigned events with version


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Now attach the same example but assigned events with version 
Nor walks!



Please if you would be so kind as to tell me to run a js within a unihtmlframe .... is an example within the folder that works perfectly in version the but I can not make it work! 


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Ahora adjunto el mismo ejemplo pero asignados los eventos con la version
Tampoco anda!!!
Por favor si fueran tan amables de indicarme como poder ejecutar un js dentro de un unihtmlframe.... hay un ejemplo dentro de la carpeta que anda perfecto en la version pero en la no puedo hacerlo andar!!! 


Traducido por Google Traductor


Ejemplo para UniGui_0.95.0.1046.rar

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function form.afterrender(sender, eOpts)

function DrawPanel(C)
var panel = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
        title: 'Menu Principal.',
        width: Ext.getDoc().getViewSize().width,
        height: Ext.getDoc().getViewSize().height,
        bodyPadding: 10,


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When I started testing the unigui, I wanted to show a graphic, and I do not remember other things but ... I did not know how to do it well, so look for an example and found one that someone did with ExtJS ... 


So my example constructed in this way .... 


Thank you very much for the code sample right now ... I try .... 


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