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Reading port Com from cliente


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To read a local port would be quite a interesting development.

To write a file to the local cash register is more manageble.

I used a solution like that :

I setup the download directory for the browser to , lets say c:\temp\cashregister

Server create a file that is in the "language" of the cash register and send it to the client.

I wrote a small program running on the client machine which is browsing that directory every 5 seconds for some new files.

If it finds something, it activates the cash register software and prints the bill and then renames or deletes the file sent by the server.

The only downside is that the browser asks for permission all the time.

An ActiveX would be better but I didn't what to complicate my life too much and be blocked in IE world.

There are other more sofisticated solutions but this is the simplest !

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Hola Edgar,


Have you resolve the problem to read the com port?, I have the same need. I need to read the serial com port read the weight form a bascula.


Please some Help or Idea.


Thanks in advanced

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