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TUniPopupMenu problem


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Hi all,


I would like to implement a popupmenu in dbgrid. I'm using containercontextmenu event of grid for popup and I need the JSName's value of popupmenu. In runtime in Form.Loaded method the JSName of TUniPopupMenu is empty. How can I get a real name of popupmenu in javascript?




function containercontextmenu(sender, e, eOpts)
  var position = e.getXY();


O3B is name of popupmenu


UniGUI version: 0.94 build 1024

Delphi 2010




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How can I get a real name of popupmenu in javascript?


Hi Román Attila.  
I think maybe it's not the best solution, but, gives the result ...
In javascript:

CreateButton1 - one of your UniMenuItem UniPopupMenu.


For example: 

MainForm.CreateButton1.parentMenu.showAt(10, 10);




Best regards

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